How to Recover After a Car Accident

Car accidents tend to be more traumatic than we make them out to be – especially minor collisions. Yu get shaken up a little, assess the damage to both vehicles, make sure the other driver is okay and then call the police to come write up a report. Whether you sought medical attention while at the scene of the accident or a few days after the collision, you still need to recuperate after the traumatic event (regardless of damage done).

If you are feeling any pain anywhere after the car accident, see your primary care physician or your chiropractor. Either doctor will prescribe a course of treatment which should be followed rather than ignored. You doctor knows best and a small pain in the back could be internal bleeding or a worse ailment just waiting to surface. Step one is to ice down any personal injuries for 72 hours after the vehicular accident. Step two is to get plenty of rest, but don’t just lie around. Light exercise is encouraged especially if it is a cardio exercise that minimally stretches the muscles. And thirdly, stay hydrated. That last thing you need to do is ignore your body’s basic needs.

While you may suffer from nerve damage, you may also suffer from anxiety, restlessness, and a jittery feeling after the accident occurred. A chiropractor or other health professional may suggest that you take it easy for a few days, stay home from work, and just try to relax and let your body heal from the trauma it just suffered. After those initial feelings have subsided, chiropractic care may be in order to manipulate your spine, readjust your alignment and just try to relax you with herbal remedies.