How to Find Medical Care for Auto Accident Injuries

You’ve had an auto accident and reported it to the proper authorities. You may or may not have been injured, but now a few days have passed and you are feeling pain and stiffness. Who do you go to for medical attention? Finding the right care after a car accident can be difficult and certain treatment can be beneficial while other treatments can be more detrimental to your health.

If you are still at the scene of the accident and are in pain, seek immediate medical attention. The police are there to help you. If you need an ambulance, they’ll send for one. Even if you think you’re feeling okay, it’s important to get seek out medical attention on the day of the accident. Emergency room physicians are trained to search for serious injuries including internal bleeding and brain trauma.

Make sure you follow the recommendations of the ER doctors after your discharge from the hospital and follow up with your primary care physician or chiropractor; especially visit the latter if you are feeling pain in your back or think you have a spine injury.

And of course, ask the emergency room doctors for a recommendation for a chiropractor who specializes in auto accidents and injuries stemming from them. Yu may also ask your primary care physician for recommendations on how to heal yourself from both a surgical and a holistic standpoint.

Word-of-mouth referrals are also good sources of information when it comes to finding a good physician or chiropractor.

Local associations and medical societies are always a good starting point for finding good medical professionals in your geographic area. These are non-biased organizations that can recommend a good physician based on your specific ailments. Their goal is to provide the best care in their field and they can always direct you to a medical professional that is close to your own location.

Social media outlets. With the ever increasing popularity of the Internet and social media sources (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), one can easily turn to their specific social media "personal page" and posit a question to their friends or "tweet" their followers looking for recommendations for quality medical care regarding their specific injuries.