How to Find the Right Chiropractor

You've got a pain problem and now you need to find a chiropractor that will take care of you either in the short term or the long term. But how do you find the one that's right for you? Below are listed some factors to consider before making your final selection:

  • Make sure the chiropractor meets your needs. Did you have an auto accident? You may want to find a practitioner who knows about injuries stemming from auto accidents.
  • Location. Location. Location. How close is this chiropractor to you? The last thing you want to do is take a long drive to see your chiropractor while you're in pain. So if you live in Las Vegas, make sure there is a nearby Las Vegas Chiropractor. It would make little sense if your chiropractor is located on the Strip and you live in the suburbs of Las Vegas.
  • "Always check your references" doesn't only apply to writing a news story. Make sure that other medical doctors or chiropractors recommend your selection. Get a recommendation from current and past patients. The better the references, the more at ease you feel about your doctor.
  • Did your chiropractor attend a school accredited by the Council of Chiropractic Education? Take a look at their website and find out if your chiropractor is indeed a licensed doctor of chiropractic. The last thing you need is some guy masquerading as a professional and licensed chiropractor. They'll do more harm than good and you'll have to start back at square one...with more pain involved and a longer treatment period.
  • It's all in the details. Does your chiropractor make it easy for you to visit them? Do they have weekend hours if you work do you feel at ease with your chiropractor? Do they use different techniques? Do they take your health insurance? Are their rates comparable to other chiropractors?

All these factors and more go into selecting a chiropractor. The bottom line is that you should feel comfortable in the selection you made and are happy with the treatment that you receive.

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